Javier Romo

Lead Medical Assistant lll.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Javier grew up in the Valley. Always with a desire to help others, he started his career as a coach for children and adults with mental and physical disabilities. He then trained as a medical assistant and radiology technician at Brightwood College.

Alec Pekler

Naturopathic Pediatric Medicine, Cranio-sacral Therapy

Dr. Alec Pekler is a Naturopathic Doctor with a boundless passion to heal children. Dr. Pekler received his training at the prestigious Bastyr University and his Master’s degree in Environmental Toxicology at UCLA. Dr. Pekler was additionally trained at a Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs and personally with Dr. Rossignol at his practice in Aliso Viejo, CA. In addition, Dr. Pekler has post graduate training in Ayurvedic Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy and the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Zubin Billimoria

Ayurvedic Wellness, Nutrition, Marma & Yoga Therapy

Zubin Billimoria is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (A.P) and the only person in the field to have independently run demanding clinics of the eminent pulse-reading Guru, Dr. Shri Vasant Lad, in Pune, India. His unique life experiences, and knowledge of east-west paradigms give him an unusual aptitude for rebalancing mind & body using Ayurveda; independently or in conjunction with western medicine.

Sarah Greenfield

Dietitian / Functional Medicine Practitioner

Sarah Greenfield is a registered dietitian and functional medicine practitioner who loves helping people simplify and feel empowered in their health. Sarah is passionate about gut health and sports nutrition and loves uncovering the root cause of imbalances.

Wild Terra

Herbal Medicine

Danielle Noe is a community master herbalist and founder of Wild Terra, a full service apothecary located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Beck Hoehn


Beck Hoehn is a Los Angeles-based board-certified acupuncturist who treats pain, digestive disorders, stress, hormonal imbalances, and specializes in supporting women’s wellness and fertility.

Inna Henry

Lactation Consultant

Inna Henry is a lactation consultant dedicated to making feeding a new child a stress-, pain-, and judgment-free experience. She offers in-office and in-home consults where she creates individualized care plans that achieve the goals of the whole family. The family’s mental and emotional wellbeing are the highest priority in every plan.

Michelle Schnider

Mindfulness Educator

Michelle Schnider is an Integrative Health Coach and Mindfulness Educator.  Her personal commitment to daily meditation practice over the past 10+ years was a natural lead in to her educational experience with Mindful Schools and pursuit of the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher training. 

Maria Portillo

Office Administrator / Lead Medical Assistant lll.

Integrative Pediatrics and Medicine is honored to have a pediatric veteran and much sought after back office lead, Maria Portillo – join our family. She has worked in the Pediatric field for almost 20 years, spending the last half a decade at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Pediatric Clinic.